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Age Level: All Ages
By Developer: Grembe Inc.

Autism Speaks November 2012 App Spotlight

I think the best thing about this app is that you can really personalize everything and also go back and edit whatever you want, in order to cater to your current needs. The developers are constantly adding things that make the app better and easier! This is a really amazing tool to communicate with kids, parents, therapists, and friends.

You can create new vocabulary by taking a photo, or even doing a Google search, type in a label you'd like and then add you own voice audio to the picture. If you don't add your own audio, the app has an automatic text to voice feature that will play whichever voice you have selected. iCommunicate now has dozens of voice options, but in order to use most of them you will need an internet connection (wifi or 3/4g); if you're using their automated voice and for some reason you lose connection, the voice will default back to their basic options.

Studies have shown that children with autism need routine and constancy to help them cope with the world. This app provides an excellent way to show and explain how their day will unfold.

iCommunicate has 2 great story board options, which allow you to choose: where to go, what to do, or show what will happen next. One is called a task completion storyboard. For example, if Im taking a someone to grandmas house, I can add the picture of them, an arrow to the picture of a car, and an arrow to a photo of grandma to show what were doing for the day. When a task is completed, press the picture and a check mark will come up to show you are complete with that step! You can also get an audio acknowledgment stating this.

The second kind of storyboard is called a 4x10. Why? because you can add 4 photos across and 10 down. For example; It's lunch-time. Go to the storyboard that shows all the food options, where the desired items can be easily selected.

This is an incredible way to communicate for anyone with special needs. It helps anyone use pictures and words to explain, show, understand, or be understood.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Use your own pictures to add vocabulary (add with new photo, camera roll, even Google!)
  • Record your own audio for pictures and boards or use text to speech audio
  • Instead of recording your voice you can use the text to voice automatic audio
  • Dozens online voice options
  • Storyboards: task completion and 4x10
  • Create flashcards, communication boards, schedules, storyboards, speech cards, etc.
  • Thousands of N2Y SymbolStyx Downloadable for free!
  • Email or print storyboards
  • Edit all your pictures, storyboards, and settings
  • Favorites Screen for pictures and boards

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