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4th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets Game for Kids [HD Full]

Age Level: Ages 8-12
By Developer: StudyPad, Inc.

Splash Math 4th grade addition covers a whole year's curriculum in math with various games and practice tests to hone the skills of young learners.

The app is set in outer space and the student chooses an astronaut avatar to do the practice games with.

This app is not meant to TEACH math, rather it is a comprehensive practice tool that kids should use to get better at the skills they learn, review their skills and do homework with.

The app features practice lessons and games of all different kinds. It covers number place value in large numbers up to millions, addition, subtraction - all the way up to geometry. It includes 12 chapters and over 150 worksheets.

Every step of the way the student is helped out with definitions and explanations that clarify incorrect answers to help correct any missing knowledge the student might have.

A parent section in the app allows parents to set reminders for practice and track the progress of their child.

It's no wonder that this app has won several awards, including the Tabby Award for "Best Educational App".

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Interactive learning content
  • Assign homework
  • Track student progress
  • Weekly e-mail reports

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