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7 Little Words for Kids

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12

7 Litter Words for Kids is an educational game to help kids increase vocabulary, while giving a stronger understanding of the parts of words and how they fit together.

The game gives the player a list of 7 different clues to answer by putting parts of words together. On the top of the screen are the clues and the amount of letters that are in the word you need to figure out. On the bottom of the screen are 16 different groups of letters, or parts of words. To answer the clue, some of the words are made up of two parts, such as in the clue, “what you color with”. In this, the player would simply tap the “cray” and the “on” and then tap “guess” button next to the results. Once the correct word is spelled the clue is highlighted showing it has been completed. Some clues, such as, “worth a lot” would be answered by the player choosing “valu” “ab” and “le”. Groups of letters used are no longer shown as choices.

The player makes points for correct answers, which unlock new games. A “hint” button is provided but will result in points will being taken off their overall score.

If a clue is a bit tricky, one can simply go to another, coming back to the earlier one they passed up. This makes it easier as there are less choices to pick from in building a word due to the process of elimination. The game includes 350 word clues with 7 different games. When you get to the end simply start again and new clues and games will be ready for you to play anew.

The game is definitely fun and intriguing and takes some thinking and reasoning, not to mention spelling skills.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app was created for kids 6-8, but I can see it being used by a bit older kids as well.


  • No ads and no in-app purchases
  • 350 EASY words and clues
  • Randomly generated puzzles for infinite replay
  • Earn stars to unlock each world

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