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A Parcel of Courage book for kids with puzzles

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: Moona Group

A parcel of courage is a educational app which includes a story and lots of fun educational activities. The book is based on a true story of how a family of three brothers take on the task of helping their grandmother overcome her fear of flying so she can join them for the Holidays. The app is based on two proven educational methods - Montessori and Shichida.

Along the way there are many activities for children to do, such as help the children make cookies, being a waiter for grandma, creating letters and sending them, packing a suitcase like a puzzle, capture and distinguishing different colors, and more. There are 7 tasks to complete and other fun activities. All-in-all the app includes explorations in numbers, sequencing skills, spatial reasoning skills and visual memory.

One note is that I feel this app is best used on an iPad or iPad mini.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created for kids 4-7.


  • Discover maps and beginning spatial orientation skills
  • Construct a marble run using working memory of a briefly presented model
  • Sequence baking courage chocolate cookies
  • Learning how to address and send a postcard to granny
  • Visually scan to help grandpa clean up the backyard
  • Spatially orient objects to pack a suitcase
  • Use auditory discrimination skills to help the postman

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