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ABC 123 Reading Writing Practice

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: NeoFinger

A variety of traditional methods to teach counting, writing and the alphabet come together in this comprehensive app.

The writing practice option shows a chalkboard and the outline of a letter or number (depending on what you selected). You also have the option to choose between upper and lower case. The object of the child is to trace the strokes of the letter or number using whatever color chalk her or she likes best. There is also a matching game so your child can learn the shapes of the letters by dragging letters onto their corresponding out-lines.

And if that weren't enough, there is a sound game where the child is given the sound of the letter and he or she must choose from a selection of letters which one makes that sound.

If your child needs practice on one particular number or letter, no problem. Just select it from the menu and he or she can do just that one, as many times as necessary to get it perfect.

For the number game there is a box to the left side of the screen that shows a quantity of panda bears to match the number being drawn.

All in all this is a great twist on traditional writing and counting methods in one small, easy and fun package. There is also a free lite version as well.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Learn to write the alphabet A-Z in both upper and lower case
  • Learn to count and draw the numbers 1-9
  • A sound game to choose the letters that match the sounds
  • A matching game to drag letters into their corresponding out-lines
  • Various color chalk to mix it up a bit

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