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Video Review:

ABC Food

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Peapod Labs LLC

This app is perfect for young children! It goes through many different kinds of foods, all the way from from A-Z, showing several high quality pictures of each and even videos featuring that type of food. The spelling for each item is provided as well. Along with all this, there is some very fun interaction. For example, the app allows the child to cut an orange in half with the swipe of their finger, allowing them to see the inside.

I really liked how the app was kept extremely simple, with no high-falutent words being thrown around confusing a youngster. Peapod Labs really covers the bases. With all the touch, sight and sound provided, the only thing that is missing is the smell! Bottom line? This app is a great educational tool that is also a lot of fun to use!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Exposure To Food — Tons of pictures, sounds, videos & interactive games
  • Extends Vocabulary — 70+ food words
  • Links Letters To Words — navigate through the words by tapping letters
  • Made Just For Them — simple interface so they’ll never get stuck
  • Fun For You — check out the tomato video
  • Carefully Curated Content — every video has been screened by parents

Video Review