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$2.99 at time of review
Video Review:

ABC ZooBorns

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Peapod Labs LLC

ABC ZooBorns is filled with adorable baby animals that your child can learn about. The app includes over 100 videos, with 50+ touch activities and interesting tidbits about each animal.

On the main screen, pictures of animals as well as some letters are displayed. Tapping on a picture, or a letter – which brings up pictures of animals beginning with that letter, brings on the baby animal of choice. Each animal is shown with it's written name, which is announced stating the letter the word begins with followed by the word itself.

Settings allow for the background music to set at any level desired. You can toggle upper or lower case letters and set the option to not view the videos (good idea when WiFi is not available). To view the videos you do need to be connected to WiFi.

I can't imagine any child not loving and learning from this app. I was captivated by it and surprised by just how many animals I was familiar with.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created for kids 5 and under.


  • So Many Baby Animals! — Tons of pictures, sounds, videos, spoken fun facts & interactive games
  • Extends Vocabulary — 50+ animal words
  • Links Letters To Words — navigate through the words by tapping letters
  • Made Just For Them — simple interface so they’ll never get stuck
  • More Than Just A Furry Face — animal and conservation facts educate while they entertain
  • Carefully Curated Content — every video has been screened by parents
  • An Animal Exploration — everything from aardvark to zebra
  • Interactive Scenes — 50+ touch activities with baby animals
  • Fun Videos — 100+ videos that let them see and hear baby animals
  • ABC ZooBorns needs an internet connection to play videos. A WiFi connection is recommended. Some videos may be removed from YouTube but the developer makes ever effort to replace them regularly.

Video Review