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Video Review:

Algebra Explained c. 2 Negative numbers

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: iLearnFastSoftware.com

Jamie the teacher does it again! Algebra Explained - Negative Numbers is the second in the series of Algebra lessons that really bring this subject "home". Making a potentially tough subject into something super easy to understand. As always, in the series, the student is given simple explanations with real life examples - delivered via video, with opportunities to practice after each lesson. With all of this, a student can get a conceptual understanding, with the resulting ability to apply these concepts.

iLearnFastsoftware.com really does a fantastic job of making math real - not just formulas to memorize. I have personally found the Algebra Explained series the clincher in a happy progressing student, vs. one that is frustrated and mired.

To get a complete understanding, one should take the time to go through all of the Algebra Explained apps. Each covers a specific aspect of Algebra and builds along the way.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


• Each lesson is an expertly produced video with clear examples that use coloring and animation in key concepts
• 10 thoughtfully created and sequenced practice problems per lesson
• Study cards for key facts with the ability to edit, create or delete study cards
• Email study cards
• Electronic scratch paper
• Electronic graph paper
• Calculator
• Quizzes and a test
• Problems & lessons that emphasize personal finance
• History of practice sessions
• Souvenir diploma for graduates
• **Add additional learners for free**
• Password protected login if desired
• Reporting to track progress by learner, lesson or date
• Negative numbers
• Absolute value
• Review of fractions
• Review of order of operations

Video Review