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Video Review:

Algebra Explained c. 4 Graphing Lines

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: iLearnFastSoftware.com

The Algebra Explained video series continues, now with the more complicated action of graphing lines and equations. I'm pretty sure my algebra teacher had nightmares the night before she had to teach this to us kids. It's a tough one to get across and I remember struggling with it and not being totally proficient at it well into Calculus.

This series of lessons and videos takes that complication away. Jamie, once again, provides students with simple and effective explanations and lessons that get these concepts across. As with all other Algebra Explained apps, your students will have access to practice cards, a quiz and history options to track their progress. This app comes with electronic graph paper as well.

I would recommend going through this app a few times to really get it nailed down, as this is something that will continue in all future math classes.

Upon completion of this chapter, your student will earn a certificate and you can put it on your refrigerator!

This is the first in a series of Algebra Explained apps. To get a complete understanding, one should take the time to go through all of them!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


• High-quality video instruction for each lesson
• 10 thoughtfully created and sequenced practice problems per lesson
• Study cards for key facts with the ability to edit, create or delete study cards
• Email study cards
• Electronic scratch paper
• Electronic graph paper
• Calculator
• Quizzes and a chapter test
• Problems & lessons that connect math to the real world
• History of practice sessions
• The x, y coordinate system
• Slope
• Graphing lines
• Writing the equations of lines
• Review of fractions
• Review of order of operations
• Souvenir diploma for graduates

Video Review