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Free at time of review

Amazing Amphibians

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: Bright World eBooks

Amazing Amphibians is a stunning realistic 3D app that is packed with educational play.

Begin with the story of the life of a frog. With highlighted words, an in-app dictionary and life-like graphics. It is a page after page “WOW” experience. The story can be read via “Storybook”, where the story will be read to you, or a “Read By Yourself” version. You can even record your own voice while following highlighted words - I would use a headset for the feature. And just to go the extra mile, the recording feature comes with a voice changing feature, adding a touch of amusement. Pan around the book and games for an incredible 3D experience.

There is definitely a LOT to learn about amphibians in this app, but the buck doesn't stop there. While playing the Scavenger Hunt game, you will find 21 different animals. While locating them, you will learn interesting facts. Tap more than once and get additional details. See if you can find all 21 and receive a bonus!

Test your knowledge and skill by playing Frog Quest, including 3 levels. Guide your frog around the game board to snatch up all the stars and receive points. Better be quick and sure, or you may be eaten by spiders, or bested by other creatures. Gather up the yellow orbs and answer questions related to interesting facts learned in the story. Correct answers win you points! Top scores advance you to the next level of play. At the end of the game you will see your awards!

Play Mind Match includes 3 levels of play. In level 1, the players matches has 16 tiles to match - 8 of the tiles are a picture of an animal, while 8 are the written name. In level 2 the player matches 24 tiles – matching a picture with it's spoken name. Level 3 includes a combination of both level 1 and 2, with pictures, spoken names and written names, using 24 tiles. The game keeps your time and score. Awards are received at the end of each game.

This 5 star app was amazingly FREE at the time of review. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created for children from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Not to mention big kids like me!


  • Rich with entertaining activities and unique benefits specially designed for kids ages 5-8
  • Fun-filled games to challenge kids’ Reading and Science skills (Kindergarten - 3rd grade Levels)
  • State of the art 3D animation and realistic graphics combined with touch screen responsive navigation create a truly immersive learning experience
  • Let your kids freely explore in an unstructured, safe, educational and entertaining environment
  • Expand the minds of young learners beyond fictional stories with scientifically accurate information that leaves them wanting to know more
  • This immersive app provides opportunities to learn, play and experience wild life while expanding language and reading skills

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