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Amazing Coloring Studio for iPad

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: Linqsoft Ltd.

Usually just saying something is amazing isn't a guarantee that it is, in fact, amazing. But with statistics like these:

Best Coloring Game in App
Over 3,000,000 Global Users!
No.1 Free Education App in US
No.1 Free Education App in 10 Countries

...let's just say it lives up to it's name.

This is a great app for all your little artists out there. There are 22 themed coloring books (the free version comes with three). Each can be colored in with a gazillion color choices using different types of crayon textures.

They can save their works of art (each of which would make Da Vinci green with envy) in their own gallery to view or edit as they like. You can hook the app up to your Facebook account and share his or her beautiful paintings from there. Or you can e-mail them or save them to your camera roll for multimedia messaging.

The themes of the coloring books span several different areas of interest and the pictures themselves can be used to teach children words, holidays and themes.

This is a fun app for kids with a ton of cute picture books to choose from. Guaranteed to be a winner.

Compatible with iPad. Additional in-app purchases available.


  • 48 different colors
  • Crayon, pencils, paint, markers, cross-stitch utensils
  • 12 coloring book available with 144 pictures
  • Picture gallery
  • Facebook, Instagram and email capabilities

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