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$1.99 at time of review
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Amelia - Interactive Story Book for Kids

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: OhNoo Studio

Amelia - Interactive Story Book for Kids has a “Nightmare Before Christmas” feel about it. The graphics are stunning, the storytelling is out the top spectacular and there are TONS of 3D type interactive experiences for the reader to enjoy. I absolutely loved it!

The story characters include Amelia, a little girl and her 3 friends: A tortoise named Little Pencil, a big furry blue monster named TeddyTeddy and a cat named Kitty Patter. An evil monster, called The Whine, has taken Little Pencil's soul. Amelia, along with TeddyTeddy and Kitty Patter are not having this! The three set out on an adventure to find and save their friend!

Every other page has highlighted areas that bring up different interactive results. Have fun tapping on them as well as finding hidden stars – there are 60 of them. In addition to the written story, you can tap on the characters within the story and they have a lot more to say! A critter crosses the page, which when held down with your finger, squiggle and make noise.

If that isn't enough, included is a game of tic-tac-toe and a memory game with a bunch of frogs singing out, giving you a pattern you need to match. One also will play hide and seek with a flashlight and tap glass to break it.

I have seen plenty of apps that don't have anywhere close to the amount of story, activities and exceptional graphics that cost a whole lot more. In my opinion, $1.99 is a steal!

The app was made for children 6-8 in mind, but I have no doubt older kids will enjoy it as well – so I am included the 8-12 ages as well. Heck, I had tons of fun with it myself!

Just brilliant!

There is a free version, should you want to check it out before you buy all that the app includes. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Find 60 hidden stars to unlock a secret scene at the end of the story
  • Find all 180 hidden animated objects and characters
  • Feel the depth of the 3D effect by tilting the device from left to right
  • Switch night and day
  • 42 beautifully presented screens with detailed graphics
  • Over 360 interactions and animations
  • Main characters fully lip synchronized
  • Fully narrated by professional actors (over 20 minutes of voices)
  • Every main character has 3 different dialog lines for each screen
  • Over 35 minutes of professional soundtrack
  • Over 400 humorous sounds
  • Just naming some!

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