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Amino Acid Tutor FREE

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: iVanya

Amino Acid tutor is a simple and effective way to learn and drill amino acids and their corresponding codes, letters and structures.

You are taken through the app and asked to make a choice based on the four answers given. The app asks you to: choose which drawn structure is correct one for the given amino acid, the code for the structure shown, which amino acid listed goes with the code shown, or which amino acid goes with the structure show.

You can go to the statistics button at any time and see how you are doing. On this page, you can also clear your answers and begin anew.

This is a great app in lieu of your basic flashcards. I like the fact that there are multiple ways of drilling yourself, to ensure you can put the structure, name, code (all paired differently) together, so that you are working all aspects in learning these. Plus, if you choose an incorrect answer, it gives you the correct one.
Perfect for any chemistry student, this app is free and easy to tote around for some between classes drilling. And, I got the thumbs up from my Pre-Med offspring!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is free.


  • What is the structure of Alanine?
  • Which structure corresponds to amino acid code A?
  • What is amino acid code for Alanine?
  • ... And so on!

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