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Animal Math Preschool Math Games for Kids Free App

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Eggroll Games LLC

Animal Math Preschool Math Games includes over 100 engaging math games, all around a barnyard theme with the help of Lily the farm girl. The app provides educational fun, with colorful graphics and simple tap to choose answers.

All the games are filled with loads of positive encouragement, colorful graphics, upbeat music and professional narration. During game play, if incorrect answers are chosen they simply drop off the screen allowing the player to choose again. No matter how many mistakes the child makes, when the last and only choice is tapped the child is given a “terrific”, “wow” or similar. Need to hear the question presented again? Just tap on it and the question will be read again. Each game ends with stars, poppable balloons and a nice “good job!”.

Check you this “try before you buy” version with lots of game play to get a good look at what the app provides.

• Count forward from 1 to 10
• Connect counting to numbers
• Answer “How many?” questions
• Compare numbers to groups of items

• Addition with objects
• Subtraction with objects
• Add and subtract within 5

• Classify objects into given categories
• Correctly name shapes and colors
• Analyze and compare shapes and colors

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Including Apple TV.


• Items, numbers and instructions are professionally narrated
• Players are rewarded with positive encouragement
• Parental controls: Turn off sounds, music, purchases and links to our other apps
• Personal information not collected from users.

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