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Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere's Ride - A Fingerprint Network App

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: Fingerprint

First of all, I have to mention that this app has won several awards, and for good reason.

Paul Revere's ride from Boston to Lexington, Massachusetts in April 1775 is a legendary part of American History. It marks the beginning of the American Revolutionary War and what ultimately ended in our freedom from British rule which has made the United States of America the country it is today.

This app tells the story of Paul Revere's ride and the surrounding and accompanying events that developed in the war which set the 13 colonies free from British rule. Some such events are: The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party and The American Revolutionary War..

The app takes you through several chapters, each of which teach the user about specific events, as well as other influential people of that time period, such as John Hancock and Samuel Adams.

Each chapter allows the user to directly participate and learn with interactive tasks, short quizzes and games to test your understanding of what is covered in each chapter.

This app uses an engaging technique to teach kids about this significant event in American history.

Compatible with iPad.

Fingerprint Features:

  • Shared family account allows parents to track progress of multiple children
  • In-app messaging allows parents and children to message each other
  • Game Catalog suggests new apps based on the child's learning level and interests
  • Parental Controls


  • Interactive tasks, games and quizzes to help gain a good understanding of the material
  • Descriptions of the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party and the American Revolutionary War
  • Teaches about Paul Revere, John Hancock, Samuel Adams and others who had great influence
  • during this time in American history
  • Entertaining cartoon graphics and story telling

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