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Ansel & Clair: Triassic Dinosaurs - A Fingerprint Network App

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: Fingerprint

Tri-as-sic: from 245 - 208 million years ago!!! Them are some old dinosaurs!

This edition of the Ansel & Clair series takes the two voyaging space aliens back in time to the earliest age of the dinosaurs. I'm talking back before the super continent, known as Pangaea (when gas was only 25 cents a gallon - joke) divided to form today's world. These dinosaurs are older than your grand pappy!

Ansel & Clair follows an exact story line that walks children through modern-day fossil digging, all the way back in time to meet a variety of dinosaurs from the Triassic period. This includes learning dinosaur names, habits and diets. Action is involved when Ansel & Clair must escape the voracious hunger of a meat-eating reptile.

Children of all ages (which means you too, Mr. Parent Man) will thoroughly enjoy going on this learning adventure! It is a ton of fun.

Compatible with iPad.

Fingerprint Features:

  • Shared family account allows parents to track progress of multiple children
  • In-app messaging allows parents and children to message each other
  • Game Catalog suggests new apps based on the child's learning level and interests
  • Parental Controls


  • Learn about Triassic dinosaurs - including flying ones!
  • Voice over acting and original music helps engage kids
  • Science, history and geology in one action packed adventure!
And a TON more!

Video Review