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$2.99 at time of review

Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island HD - A Fingerprint Network App

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: Fingerprint

Another award winning app by Cognitive Kid, Little Green Island is a very unique game that teaches young children about the beneficial effects of safeguarding Earth's environment.

The game goes through several levels that cover many aspects of protecting nature and the environment. Each centers around an island that is owned by the player. The player must make the island green, using all manner of tree planting, windmills and other such non-polluting devices.

In the early levels, the child is prompted to make the soil fertile, plant trees, pick up trash and help a neighboring farm defeat insects without the use of pesticides. As the levels advance, the player is made to help clean up oil spills, and further beautify and create a green environment on the island. It doesn't take too long of playing to learn a lot about the environment, the different types of pollution and how to help handle and prevent each.

This is a great game for kids. It will make them more aware of their environment and also provide them with a responsibility and willingness to improve and protect it.

Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Fingerprint Features:

  • Shared family account allows parents to track progress of multiple children
  • In-app messaging allows parents and children to message each other
  • Game Catalog suggests new apps based on the child's learning level and interests
  • Parental Controls


  • 18 Levels, each teaching unique "green" concepts
  • 9 fun songs that explain different types of pollutants
  • Real world problem solving games

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