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Arthur's Pet Business - by Marc Brown

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: Day & Night Studios, Inc

Arthur's Pet Business is a sweet little app book that is all about Arthur wanting a pet of his own and proving to his parents that he would be a responsible owner of a puppy. Arthur pulls all of this off AND pays his sister back some money he owes. I love how this book incorporates the concepts of exchange, productivity and responsibility.

Although the book is narrated by the author, Marc Brown, who has been published for over 35 years, it has the capability to do your own narrations for up to 10 recordings. Perfect for the young ones at bedtime when Mom and Dad are out on that much needed date night, not to mention the joy of our budding readers hearing their own voice reading back to them. How could this not inspire someone to want to read?

The pages are easily navigated with a simple swipe, back and forward. The words are highlighted while the story is read. Perfect for cultivating early readers.

In addition there are 11 different puzzles (with easy and hard modes) and 5 coloring boards.

Within the app, one can browse and download additional Arthur books, which can be locked, ensuring no surprise downloads occur.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Easy to navigate with a simple swipe
  • Highlighted words while narrated
  • Great story with emphasis on personal exchange, responsibility & productivity
  • Narrated by the author – allows you to record up to 10 of your own recordings
  • 11 Puzzels and 5 coloring boards

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