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Attitude - Everybody's Got One

By Developer: ToneStars LLC

In this day and age it's a good thing to make your kids savvy about the people they come across. Let's face it, the facts are the facts and and in this day and age we want our kids safe and perceptive to the world around them, and what to expect from others.

Personally I spent some time on this with my own kids. I taught them, based on someone we might see or meet (in regards to their demeanor, how they communicated, etc.), what they could expect. This proved to be a smart move in ensuring they were safe and aware. After a while I would ask them what they thought of so-and-so, and they got pretty spot on in their own observations. This was not used to disabuse them in a negative way, more to educate them. Basically I used the principals in this app. I am proud to say that this awareness has made a big difference in who they hang with, as well as just what to expect, allowing them to handle social situations. Had we had iPhones back then, I would have downloaded this handy-dandy little app!

The app first familiarizes you with people of different emotional attitude (such as enthusiasm, cheerfulness, anger, etc.). Tapping on one of the 10 characters displaying these emotions allows you to see and hear what you would expect from someone. On this same page you can go into a written explanation of that particular attitude, as well as what to expect from them.

Once one becomes familiar with each attitude, you can hone these points via with practicing matching the attitude with with one might say.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Learn the 10 basic attitudes in order to predict human behavior
  • Glossary for each
  • Practice spotting peoples attitudes
  • This app answers: Is it possible to understand people better? How do you choose your people? Who is trustworthy? Who is not? Who will be honest with you? Who can you depend on?

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