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Bam Boomerang

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Open Reading

Bam Boomerang is one of the most amazing apps I have reviewed. A LOT went into creating it, which is very evident.

The game teaches reading on a phonics level. As the child plays they are taught letter sounds and words. Points are earned, which can be used to furnish their own gopher home.

As the the child progress into the game, they are asked to read and record a particular sound or word. This recording is then reviewed for accuracy and acknowledged – by real live volunteers! The actual recording is sent back to the player, allowing them to hear it and showing them the letter or word that was recorded. If the sound is correct, or part of it is correct, the child earns points. If the sound, or word, is incorrect it is said back to the child, and they are asked to repeat it. This is done several time to ensure the child's full understanding.

The app moves on a very nice learning curve. In the beginning one is just learning select letters and simple words with very little recording. This allows the child to fully hone-in the basics of what is being covered. When it comes to starting to read actual words, one starts with two letter words such as “an” and moves up to four letter words.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
This app is a 5 star app in the App Store and receives 5 stars from us!


  • Play games while earning points, winning prizes and customizing your own animated world
  • Read and record letters and words just learned
  • Receive feedback, while listening to your recording and receiving help as needed, all the while earning more points
  • In English and German
  • One amazing app!!!!!

Video Review