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BAM! Dining Decisions

BAM, stands for body and mind. Yes, the two do have a symbiotic relationship. The CDC has put out an app to teach kids how to make healthy eating decisions by putting foods into 3 groups: go, slow and whoa.

As kids swipe foods into the correct conveyor belt they earn points, or loose points. The better you are at choosing which food goes onto the go, slow, or whoa belt, the more points you win! At game's start, the app shows three types of food and states why it would go into a category, allowing the player to think with the given choices. At the end of each game, you can tap on all the foods that were shown in that particular game and see why they were categorized as such. Tap on each one and get a quick overview.

Learn more about food and nutrition and other health topics for kids including diseases, physical activity, your body, and more, by going to: Dining Decisions App

Compatible with iPad.


  • Fun and educational game to teach kids healthy eating habits
  • Includes 8 levels. Play until you can get 3 stars on each level!

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