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Bill Nye the Science Guy

By Developer: Disney

This is a special Disney app honoring the 20th anniversary of Bill Nye the Science Guy!

For 20 years now Bill Nye has been at the forefront of providing scientific education that is specifically tailored for children. He provides fun, easy to do experiments, along with simple explanations, skits and songs of hilarity.

This app comes with a bunch of fun games, explanations and videos covering numerous different aspects of science: from physics to chemistry and optical illusions and more! All of it is narrated by Bill Nye (or, at least it SOUNDS like it's narrated by Bill Nye). The videos that can be downloaded in the app are DEFINITELY Bill Nye.

For the amount of factoids your children will get, and the games they will get to play, the price tag of FREE certainly makes it all completely worth it.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Fun Science Games
  • Bill Nye videos
  • Explore Bill Nye's science desk

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