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Bob Books #2 – Reading Magic HD

Age Level: Ages 0–5

Bob Books is a fantastic application for early readers. It is a four step course that helps teach and practice both spelling and reading.

The first level focuses on simple words, using phonetics to spell them, as well as illustrations of the sentence to give a visual example to the student. The student ends up learning to spell each word of each sentence presented. As the student drags letters to their appropriate locations, the app gives the phonetic sound as used in the word being spelled. The second level focuses on the left-to-right direction of reading. The third level teach spelling without the visual hints from levels 1 and 2. And the forth level allows the student to pick letters to spell words.

The app of course offers a parental section to adjust settings so that the app is tailored specifically to the child who will be using it. All in all, this app is a wonderful introduction to phonics for young children and will give them a massive head start in writing and reading. We recommend that you download Bob Books #1 as well.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Four levels of learning
  • Learn to spell and read using phonics based system
  • Video Review

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