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$2.99 at time of review

Bongo's Montessori Spelling Adventure with Phonics Alphabet PRO for Teachers

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: BrightStart LLC

If you are interested in the Bongo's Spelling apps, the Pro version is the one to go with. It includes all the different packs at a discount price. Otherwise you pay $0.99 for these separately.

Bongo's Montessori Spelling Adventure is a beautifully illustrated and designed app created for kids from grades K-4. As a phonics based app, it contains short vowel, long vowel, double letters, blends, silent and soft sounds in easy - advanced settings. The phonics option can be turned off as well.

Settings allow for the user to turn on or off: background music, letter display in or out of sequence, font in upper, lower or cursive, helpful hints, phonics on/off, blends, picture hint, interactive games and their frequency, letter sounds and letter Q sounds.

Choosing a game, the player is presented with a keyboard, as well as a picture of an item, which is announced. Below the picture are spaces to be filled in via drag and drop of the letters on the keyboard. The sound of the letter is announced when touched. If needed, one can tap on the picture to have the word announced again. When this is done, a letter is highlighted on the board in the order of which the word is spelled. Should the player need help, a question mark is provided. Simply tap the “?” symbol. A series of fun games are provided as the player progresses along.

This app provides for up to 50 users. Each profile can be set for that particular child's level of reading and spelling, as well as which areas to work on. In the settings a parent or teacher can set the option to have an email report sent on the child's progress.

The app provides good quality spelling and phonics lessons. The ability to select the appropriate grade level allows for several years of use. Additional options for each user and the ability to receive an email report is a big plus!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Help children develop and understand letter recognition through sounds and phonics
  • Children can then build on the phonemes to create, recognize and improve word structure for spelling
  • Further develop reading and literacy
  • Over 450 illustrated words and sounds
  • Easy to complex word categories aligned with the Montessori learning method
  • Categories include Easy/Advanced Short Vowels, Easy/Advanced Long Vowels, Double Letters, Blends, Silent and Soft Sounds
  • Multi user capability - ideal for classroom environment
  • Each user can have their own lesson plan based on the level and ability
  • Fun game is included with lots of hidden interactive features to encourage autonomy, self-confidence and engagement
  • User reviews and progress reports can be triggered via email easily through the application
  • Choose between capital, lower-case or cursive letter trays

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