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Brave Rooney

By Developer: Bacciz

Has your child ever felt left out Felt like they didn't fit in? Shy? Brave Rooney is a great modern-day tale about a normal kid who REALLY doesn't fit in at a school full of super heroes with super powers. But one thing about Rooney puts him above everyone else; his courage. In the end, this earns him many friends and a lot of respect from his powerful peers.

This is a child story packed with animation and interactive characters. All 23 pages are wonderfully illustrated.

This story was written and narrated by an award-winning and Emmy nominated television writer for kids. It's sure to please both your kids and win your heart.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Fully illustrated children's book
  • Full narration, with option to leave it off
  • Sound effects
  • Interactive animation
  • Highly customizable options to enjoy the story as you want

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