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Bugsy Kindergarten Reading School

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: Peapod Labs LLC

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading School is an early learning app that teaches children alphabet, spelling, phonics and reading skills - any of which can be turned on or off in the settings, allowing a parent to create the best learning experience for their child. Each category has anywhere from 3-6 levels of play. After each set is played, a choice of rewards are given which the child can play with on the home screen. To begin a new game, tap on the space ship and Bugsy will pop in and fly off to the next set. All-in-all there are over 370 vocabulary words provided.

Alphabet: In alphabet your child will become familiar with letters, both uppercase and lowercase. First one is given a picture that is named and asked what letter it begins with out of a choice of four. After a few sets of this, the child is given words to fill in with provided letters. Lowercase letters are shown to be filled in with uppercase letters by drag and drop. Pictures are provided to show what the word is which can be tapped on to hear it again.

Spelling: In this the child is asked for the first letter out of four in a particular word. A space is left open for the word and one simply taps the correct letter. If the letter is incorrect it is eliminated from the choices and the child is asked to try again. After a few sets of this, one is asked to pick the last letter in a word. The one goes to filling in the letter in the middle of a word, such as ice. Tap the picture to hear the word again.

Phonics: A choice of four pictures is provided. The child is asked which one begins with the same sound as __ . After this, ending sounds are worked with and then words that rhyme with a particular sound. From here, the child is asked to fill in the correct vowel sound into the word with a missing letter. Tap the picture to hear the word again.

Reading: One begins by choosing a two letter word that is spoken and shown with two other words which are moving across the screen, such as; "as", "we" and "to". From here one goes to three letter words, then longer words such as colors. Pictures to go with the word are provided as well. For the most part, the child is working with three letter words. Tap the picture to hear the word again.

Parents can track their child's progress in the settings. Throughout the games Bugsy is very active in communicating to the child, giving instructions and very nice acknowledgments. Bugsy Kindergarten Reading School is a fun and engaging introduction to the world of reading and spelling.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Created for children 5 and under.


  • Alphabet — lowercase & uppercase letters
  • Phonics — beginning, ending & vowel sounds
  • Spelling — missing letters & arranging letters
  • Reading — Dolch sight words & more
  • Vocabulary — 370+ words
  • Self-Adjusting Difficulty Levels — tailors each question to your child’s skill level
  • Verbal Instructions — constantly reinforces learning
  • Individual Controls — turn on and off subjects to focus on specific skills
  • Track Learning Progress — see how well your child is doing

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