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$2.99 at time of review

Build With Grandpa

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: Fairlady Media

Build With Grandpa allows kids from 5 – 8 to learn some of the aspects of construction, all the while playing mini games and watching 10 video snippets. From demolition to blueprints, all the way to the last little details, kids can create multiple homes with different windows, doors, paint color, landscaping, etc, and save them.

The graphics and audio are top notch, and Grandpa is the perfect kind of contractor to work with, kind and measuring, with great “high-fives”. He even teaches some helpful safety rules. Following Grandpa's instructions you will use a bulldozer, dump out rocks from a dump truck, mix cement and more, measure and nail boards, play word search games, and a whole lot more.

Kids will have fun with the games and walk away with a whole new look at what putting up a building entails.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Design a house using blueprints.
  • Choose equipment. “Which one is the generator?”
  • Foundation words. “Find the words in the puzzle to make the foundation!”
  • Finish the wall. “Which two boards add up to 8?”
  • Paint the house. “Be creative!”
  • Decorate the house. “Add windows and doors!”
  • Demolish the old house!
  • Clear the lot with a bulldozer!
  • Enjoy lunch with Grandpa!
  • Dump gravel out of a dump truck!
  • Give Grandpa a high five!
  • Add ingredients and mix the cement!
  • Watch 10 fascinating videos about building, narrated by Grandpa!
  • Math: measurement, addition through 9
  • Literacy: read and identify over 40 construction words
  • Life skills: suburban renewal, identify construction equipment, construction processes
  • Creativity: design, paint, decorate, and landscape a home
  • Problem solving, spatial skills, cause and effect