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$1.99 at time of review

Butterfly HD

By Developer: Sprout Labs, LLC

Butterfly HD is just another, “Sprout Labs, you have done it again!”, app. Centered around the life cycle of a butterfly, there is plenty to learn via the different learning modes in this app.

Did you know that there are moths without mouths? Go figure! Or that the reason moths fly towards light is that they think it is the moon? There is even a moth that drinks the tears of birds while they sleep! These are just a few of the many interesting facts covered in this app.

Not only is there interesting information that you can read, or have read to you, but HD photos with short blurbs about each. In addition you can view plenty of videos with compelling content.

Once you are done with your learning experience, you can take a quiz to see how much you learned. Unlock levels to go to the next one. When you answer the questions correctly the first time coins are won, making it a game-like experience.

All-in-all a great learning app for children from K-5th grade – or older, like myself! That's a lot of fun educational information, through several grade levels for $1.99!

Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.


  • An in-depth look into the cycle of a butterfly
  • Scientific information, including HD photos, diagrams and video
  • Take a quiz to see how much you have learned
  • Interesting fun facts

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