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Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Two Lives Left

Cargo-Bot is a puzzle game which teaches programming concepts. The player uses pre-made code in order to program a crane which in turn moves crates to designated positions in the most efficient means. Sounds simple. Yes, it does start out simple enough, moving crates from left to right, but it doesn't take too long before more challenging actions are required, along with new code and new concepts in achieving results.
All-in-all there are 36 games of increasing difficulty, displayed by beautiful graphics, cool audio and mystical music. The levels shown on the home screen include: Tutorials, Easy, Medium, Hard, Crazy and Impossible. The tutorials are games in themselves, which supply the concepts and code needed to play the other levels.

Each game displays a picture of the goal to be reached, a toolbox of the code available, rows for each aspect of progression and the actual display of your solution in action. The player can record their solution, save it and upload it to YouTube. One earns stars for how well they solved each puzzle.

We all know that kids like to play games, even big kids like me. Given that Computer Science is so much a part of our everyday world, not to mention the future to come, it is a wise move to increase understanding in this area. Not to mention the positive impact on our ability to look, think, plan ahead and envision the effect of something at a future date. This is a crucial life skill!

Cargo-Bot is the first game completely programmed on the iPad using Codea™, by the same developer.

Compatible with iPad.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Fiendish puzzles
  • A game about programming, programmed entirely on iPad
  • Record your solutions and share them on YouTube
  • Learn more about how it was made by searching for Codea on the App Store

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