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Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor In Your Pocket

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: 101 Education, LLC

I had to call my daughter 3 times for dinner because she was watching a video. I am talking a chemistry video!

But, let's just back up a bit.

I came home to a very distraught young lady today. Why? She was studying for her chemistry final and was having a rough go at it. It had not been an easy class for her. Let's just put it this way, her teacher will not be teaching at her school next year. For a reason. Ya, it can happen.

After some schmoozing and calming words, I finally had her look at the chemistry apps on our website. Spotting Chem Pro, she decided to download it. She did the initial free version and went on to the $4.99 for full access, via in-app purchase.

She is now glowing! I am happy! And, she now feels ready to take on the exam!

Thanks 101 Education! You are da bomb!

If you needed to know anything about chemistry, this is the app that has it all! Literally. With 80 different subjects with full videos, flash cards, etc. This is a fully comprehensive chemistry class, all in the palm of your hand.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Full version $4.99.


  • 80 video lessons covering such subjects as Atomic Mass, Ionic Compounds, Ideal Gas Laws, Vapor Pressure, Periodic Table Trends, and dozens of others.
  • Flash cards with common element names and symbols, all element names and symbols, etc.
  • Tools right on your iPod or iPhone, like a Molar Mass Calculator, a Unit Converter, a Periodic Table and a set of Equation Sheets

Video Review