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CMV: Slow Frame-Frame Video Analysis CoachMyVideo

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: CoachMyVideo.com, inc.

Have you ever watched a sports on instant replay, where the announcer shows you an athletic activity in slow motion and draws lines on the picture to indicate how exactly it was performed, or what faults there might have been in the execution? CMV (Coach My Video) Pro brings just that to your mobile device.

The app allows you record high-definition videos directly through the app, or upload them from your camera roll. Using CMV's patented software, the coach or trainer or teacher can then run the video through again in real-time, slow motion, or frame by frame. Marking tools are available, which allow the user to highlight certain portions of the frame, draw lines, or instantly see the angle between two planes. This allows the user to instantly point out the positive and negative points of a physical activity for coaching purposes.

Private and professional coaches and physical education teachers have been using CMV with great success: for example, a Major League Baseball player who perfected his batting swing and landing himself a $16M contract!

Using the iPad allows you to view two videos side by side and point out the differences and similarities in each. This is great for comparing a coaching video to a professional video for learning purposes.

All in all, CMV Pro offers a ton of easy to use features that any parent or coach can use instantly, and offers training and coaching advice to aspiring, or professional, athletes.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • High definition recording with frame by frame play back
  • Draw and mark-up video for coaching
  • Compatible with Bluetooth remote controls
  • Share videos instantly through e-mail

Video Review