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Color Uncovered (iPad)

Age Level: Ages 8-12, Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Exploratorium

This app is definitely at the top of my list in terms of all the educational apps I have reviewed. It truly blew me away!

It was created by the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California and covers everything you never knew on the subjects of light and color. It is a real eye opening learning experience.

The app takes you through 19 different pages on the subjects of light and color. You learn such things as why you might have trouble finding your bright blue sedan at night under the dim lights of the parking lot, what color blindness actually is and what percentage of people have it, what kinds of light cause you to see the same color differently, how many colors there actually are and a whole lot more.

In the process of going through the various pages of this app, you will come to activities which allow you to directly participate. These activities are real life demonstrations of the information covered in this app. It makes it easier to assimilate the information by leaps and bounds and creates a very fun learning experience.

It is quite a fascinating app, in which I found myself consumed by and had a difficult time turning it off! It epitomizes the ideal way of learning.

Compatible with iPad.


  • Created by the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California
  • 19 different pages with comprehensive information on the subjects of light and color
  • Activities included that allow your direct participation and which demonstrate the information in real life
  • Videos included which give the meanings connected with certain colors

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