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Convey (iPad)

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: chris benson

This is a great app for kids and a perfect way to help facilitate communication. Use the given list of phrases, such as: I want, I don't like, can we, etc., and categories such as: feelings, play, drinks, people, food, and more. There are also easy to access phrases like: stop, later, how are you, and even throat hurts, in order to cut to the chase quickly and easily.

A great thing about this app is that it's so customizable. You add your own voice and pictures to personalize, or add more categories and words to the vocabulary. Using it, ones ability to talk will be unlimited!

The app comes with a lot of good basics. I think it's amazing that this app is free!

If more content availability is desired, there are 2 additional in-app purchases available: the "Silver" is a $9.99 montly subscription, which provides access to all screens, requests and enables you to create an unlimited amount of items, schedules and contexts. The "Gold" is $29.99, also a monthly subscription, which is CLOUD based, can be used on any iPad and has unlimited icons, contexts and schedules. It includes all the content that the "Silver" membership gives you. A portion of the subscriptions goes to Autism charity programs.

Compatible with iPad.
Highly rated in the App Store.


  • Create additional icons (8 in free version, more in others)
  • Add your own pictures and audio for the items!
  • Create 4 schedules where you get certain categories depending on the time of day
  • Make 4 contexts that you can personalize
  • Reset/Return to default settings
  • Often used phrases and words available

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