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Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Sympoz Inc.

Craftsy is the ultimate arts and crafts how-to classroom, all on one media device. It features an entire array of crafts related projects, classes and lessons that anyone can download and participate in. This is the perfect app for establishing a hobby for your son or daughter, or just promoting and strengthening those art fields they are already interested in.

Craftsy provides hours and hours of high definition educational video content per classroom, including downloadable course materials. Students can thereby learn one-on-one and go at their own speed of learning. So in some ways, it's even better than going to sewing, pottery, or crochet class.

And, just to give you an idea: Craftsy has classes from how to bake cakes in the shape of classic cars, to fine art landscape painting, gardening... The list goes on. There is really something in there for everyone.

These are professional classes taught by experts. So when you see the price tag on the lessons you plan to download, don't be surprised. You will pay a premium to receive video instruction from some of the industry's finest. But hey, it might be worth it to you to not have to drive across town every Wednesday night! As one reviewer stated, "If you like crafting, you need this app!"

Craftsy does offer sales and some free classes as well, to get you started.

Compatible with iPhone, iTouch and iPad.


  • Tons of crafts lessons and projects
  • Video classes taught by professionals

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