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Creatures of Light

Age Level: Ages 8-12, Ages: 12 +

This iPad app is a companion for The American Museum of Natural Histories exhibition. While the exhibit may not be showing for you locally, you can still experience it's many wonders.

This app is packed full of interactive animations, photos, video and information about our amazing and magical creatures of bio-luminescence.

Learn about luminescent creatures in a multiple categories, such as those you would find in the evening, on land, the deep ocean and more. The app goes in-depth on many of these creatures. I have to tell you that I learned quite a bit while reviewing this app, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Did you know that there are only 3 chemicals that bio-luminescent creatures use, in varying combinations, in order to create there glow? Or that more than 80 percent of the animals in the ocean are bio-luminescent?

This is an absolutely amazing app, and it's free!

Compatible with iPad.


  • Learn about the exhibit, land, sea and ocean bio-luminescent creatures
  • Interactive demonstrations and video
  • Simply communicated, yet in-depth information
  • Beautifully designed and easy to navigate

Video Review