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Dinosaur Zoo

Age Level: All Ages
By Developer: Dotnamestudios

Featured in Apple's TV broadcast "Together" Advert - screening Feb 2013 and a lot more!

This amazing app puts you right in the habitat of each of the dinosaurs depicted. I was completely engaged by the realistic art and soundtrack. As you visit each dino, you will find them very alive, responding to your interaction with them. Be careful not to tap your finger too close to some of the carnivores, you may not come away unscathed! Roar at them and they will roar right back, even feed fish to a Pterodactyls!

Not only is this app a fun, interactive adventure, but included within you will find prehistoric maps, showing where the dinosaur lived, as well as a spinning 3-D clay model of each, with additional information about them. I have to say that this is on the top of my list of favorite educational apps! It was a favorite when I reviewed it a few years ago and still is!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Each comes with 4 pages of interesting information on it, including where and when each dinosaur lived
  • Comes with a starter-pack of 6 dinosaurs, with regular release of new dinosaurs
  • Very life-like - roar and they roar back, feed and play with them. But, be careful not to make them angry - you might lose a finger!
  • Created in a natural, realistic setting with the sounds of nature
  • Spinning 3-D clay model, overseen by the world's leading paleontologist

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