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Dog Sounds & Body Talk - Toy, Whistle & Translator

By Developer: iGreenEarth

Okay let's face it, kids love dogs. They like looking at dogs and they like touching dogs. They like petting dogs and they like making dog noises. They like crawling around on the ground pretending to be dogs. Some kids may even think they are dogs from time to time and enjoy trying to eat dog food, which as a responsible parent you do not let them do.

So it stands to reason that this application should be acquired, mainly because it's free to satisfy your child's curiosity and excitement about dogs. It is also a good application if you have a dog and wish to teach your child how to interact with it.

The application starts with several types of sounds having to do with different types of dogs. It also has sounds designed to help train or get the attention of your dog.

My favorite aspect of this application is the section wherein you learn the body language of dogs. This is something any child should learn as well so you don't find them petting dominate, anxious or aggressive animals. As a dog owner I can tell you that the body language described in the application are 100% factual.

This application may be pretty limited in scope, but it is useful for getting lessons across to your child and also satisfying his or her need to look at and listen to dogs.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Dogs sounds
  • Wild dog sounds
  • Body language glossary
  • Sounds for getting your dog's attention or training your dog

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