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Doman Flash Cards Math

Age Level: Ages 0–5
By Developer: SP Soft

Babies are born with the ability to discern quantity of objects simply by looking at them. Without language and symbols to distract them, they rely on pure observation of patterns, shapes and quantity. This app is designed to teach your baby, from a very young age, keep and develop these amazing skills.

The app gives you a crash course in the Doman Method of teaching children counting and numbers and let's you go! There are multiple lessons, each slightly varied, that are to be done six times a day (yep, best for that stay at home parent, or nanny).

There are several guidelines for proper use of this app and it is my recommendation that you take heed and even practice a couple of times before using the app on your baby.

The app also automatically tracks when you use a lesson and counts down from 25 minutes to ensure you don't over do it with your baby. It is meant to be used for short durations, seconds at a time.

The intention here is to get a high degree of interaction between parent and child, so if nothing else it promises some great bonding time! Having personally been train in this method and observed it's results, I couldn't vouch for it more.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • 50 lessons in Doman math
  • Crash-course training on how to use the application
  • Lesson counter and stopwatch

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