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Einstein's Relativity

Age Level: Ages: 12 +
By Developer: YCSWYD Studios

Einstein's Relativity is a free demonstration app, which clearly shows the scientific relationships between speed, time and mass.

The app includes a short primer of Einstein's Theory of Relativity and an easy to use demonstration of the principles involved, so that students can get a quick understanding of how it works.

The app includes two rocket ships, one which works off of Newtonian physics (which is incorrect when it comes to speed of light travel) and one which works off of the principles contained in Einstein's Theory. A third viewpoint of a stationary object is provided, and each viewpoint has a clock.

Watch what happens when the rockets are accelerated up to or near the speed of light, and see how it affects each object's mass and sense of time.

It's a very simple app with limited use, but it clearly makes the point in a way that anyone can see and understand.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Simple demonstration of a complex theory
  • See how speed related to time and mass

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