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$1.99 at time of review

Electricity Magnetism HD

Age Level: Ages 8-12
By Developer: Sprout Labs, LLC

Sprouts Labs put out excellent science based apps that combine different learning modes, for the choice of the user. There combination of simply put information, which can be read to you, or you can read to yourself, high-definition photographs including simple explanations and added touch-screen capability for additional information, and video, video, video! In this particular app, there are 20 videos, including Bill Nye the Science Guy and TED Ed, to just name a couple.

Once through the information of choice, there is a quiz and learn section that tests your understanding of the content.

All-and-all it is a complete learning experience. In any learning experience, data should be backed up by the physical object, or as close an approximation as possible. Leaving the student with a real conceptual understanding of what is being taught. Sprouts Labs nails this!

I definitely learned a thing or two while reviewing this app. Plus, I enjoyed every minute of my learning experience. What almost amazes me more is the price of this app! $1.99 for something that spans grades 3-8 in elementary and middle school, with an abundance of very interesting and compelling content. Each topic has multiple questions, with increasing level of difficulty based on Bloom's Taxonomy.

This app is perfect for schools, home-school environments and just filling in the cracks and reinforcing what one has already learned.

Compatible with iPad.


  • 5 learning modes: Read and Learn, Touch and Learn, See and Learn, Watch and Learn & Quiz and Learn
  • Concepts simply explained
  • Great balance of learning and application

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