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$24.99 at time of review
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Erol Singer's Studio - Voice Lessons

By Developer: Erol Studios

Erol Singer's Studio is an extremely comprehensive app. It teaches singing techniques utilizing the iOS interface, in order to help students learn by themselves.

This app comes with exercises and breathing tutorials - prior to singing. It covers lessons for the beginner, intermediate and advanced singers and even has a section for teachers. You might say the basic app fee of $14.99 is a bit pricey, but purchasing this app would be cheaper than one hour of professional training, not to mention all the levels it encompasses.

This app allows you to professionally practice singing, anytime and anywhere. It automatically detects your singing range and tailors all the lessons to that specific range. While practicing, you will be able to visually see whether or not you are hitting specific notes. This visual indication, combined with hearing the piano and yourself, really helps you hone in correct pitch.

There is a lot to this app and great deal to explore and learn. My favorite part about it is that you can review and go over lessons again and again. I am personally excited to see if my frog-like voice can finally blossom into a beautiful, operatic masterpiece!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • 72 voice lessons total
  • Easy to use and follow exercise format
  • Automatically detects your range and tailors itself to your voice

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