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Farm 123 FREE ~ StoryToys Jr

Age Level: Ages 0–5

Farm 123 Free is one of those apps that will put a smile on your face the whole way through the book and game. The app looks like a pop-up book. The first half of the book is all about counting from 1 to 10. Each page has the player count farm animals. Once the animals are tapped, they go into a fun animation. The 3D pages include Farmer Jo, who has a lot of silly things to say when tapped. For reinforcement, the number symbol at the top of the page will sound out the name of the number when tapped.

Once you have counted from 1 – 10, the following pages have the player practice counting. A number of animals are shown and the player is asked to count specific ones, such as 3 dogs, when there are also 2 sheep on the page. Once each game is complete, the animals happily bounce around a bit before the app takes one to another set of animals to count. The player wins stars for the games and receives a nice cheer when each task is completed. You can play the game as long as you like.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. An In-app purchase of $2.99 unlocks an additional 5 games.


  • Wonderfully illustrated with beautiful pop-up imagery and a charming music score and sound effects.
  • Children win stars as they progress through the games.
  • Professionally narrated in 7 languages.
  • The full book experience plus 2 fun counting games are absolutely free, forever!
  • Another 5 games can be unlocked with a single, one time low-cost purchase. This feature can be disabled.

Video Review