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Fiete Math - for 1st grade and preschool

Age Level: Ages 5-8
By Developer: Ahoiii Entertainment

Fiete Math is a fun and innovative math app that builds visual concepts in addition and subtraction. The app is beautifully designed, with clean graphics, high-quality sounds and fun additional antics in the way of silly characters marching across the screen.

The player finds themselves at a loading dock. Based on a number shown, the idea is to load, by drag and drop, a specific number of cubes and/or bars onto an incoming vessel. At times the required number is already there, but as the game continues it is necessary to slice and add or subtract amounts. While playing, squared-off animals are awarded that are equal to 1, 2 and more cubes. Initially all the cubes have numbers, making it easy to add them up. As the game progresses these numbers are no longer there, adding to the game-like quality as well as reasoning skills. One simply begins to get the concept of size, amounts and form strategies.

The game provides 7 different type skills, with 70 sub-levels with over 1000 tasks. Different backgrounds are provided for each level. None of the tasks are timed and in fact, should wrong decisions be made, one simply taps a refresh button to begin anew. Settings allow for the player to reset the game, as well as turn on/off music and sound effects.

All in all this is a brilliant math game, aimed at increasing math logic skills at a great price!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Counting, recognizing groups
  • Splitting numbers: dividing numbers in different ways, getting to know numbers up to 20
  • Magic 5: easy calculations with 5's, progression to 10's, introduction to the decimal system
  • Math Strategies: doubling and halving, swapping, neighbor tasks, changes in the same or the opposite direction
  • Plus: perfect packages, tasks from easy to hard, inverted tasks
  • Practicing: Practice adding and subtracting

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