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Finding Frankie Frog

Age Level: Ages 0–5

Finding Frankie Frog is a wonderful little read-a-long app book.

The user can choose from the professional "read to me mode", or read it themselves. If you have it downloaded on an iPad it gives you the capability to record your own voice.

Children will love the easy to navigate story and interactivity. In addition there is a hide and seek game, as well as a puzzle. Find the animals and help them find others as well!

As a parent, I am always looking for apps that encourage reading via a fun learning experience, and this app foots the bill!

As a free app book it's a real find! Suggested for ages 2+.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • On each page, the animals come to life and look for their friends - with your help
  • Child-friendly navigation menu with great special features
  • Narration mode where the book is read to you, or can be turned off whenever you wish
  • Audio recorder to record your own voice!
  • Interactive objects you can press to make things move around and make the animals pop out of their hiding places!
  • Includes a jigsaw puzzle at the end!

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