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Fishing With Grandpa

Age Level: Ages 0–5, Ages 5-8
By Developer: Fairlady Media

There is nothing fishy at all about this early learning app! Take off with Grandpa for a day of fun, fishing activities. His kind voice, encouraging words and praise are bound to keep your child winning and learning!

The app starts you out with your child setting the boat out on the water. Grandpa then asks you to hand him one of a group of objects, such as sunscreen, a hat, etc. From there Grandpa asks you to touch a group of said number of fish, as they swim on by. You then are taken to a maze game to play. Once this is done, a 6 piece puzzle of a particular kind of fish shows up. When the puzzle is complete, it's name shows up and Grandpa announces it.

After this your child will be asked to tap on a particular color fish that is swimming with others. Then you are off to some real fishing. First choose a lure, which Grandpa puts on the line for you. He then asks for help in casting the line. Off it goes and it's up to you to drag the lure to catch one of the fish swimming by! But don't go too fast! It scares the fish away. Once a fish is caught you spin the reel and help Grandpa pull in the fish. This all ends with giving Grandpa a big high-five!

Now it's time to measure that perfectly caught fish. Look at the fish against a tape measure and tap the correct number shown! The very last screen allows your child to pull the fish out of the bucket and into a netted area, where it swims around.

All across the boards, this is a great app!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Counting (1-6), differences and similarities, identifying fish, solving puzzles and mazes, learn colors, use a ruler, increase vocabulary and more!
  • Educational videos on fishing
  • Made for ages 3-6

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