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Flashcards+ by Chegg — FREE Custom Flashcard Maker

Age Level: Ages 8-12, Ages: 12 +
By Developer: Chegg, Inc

Flashcards are a great method for learning and memorizing the important information of ANY subject. It is perfect for SAT, ACT, AP & college students.

Two fantastic features set this application apart: first is that the flashcards are highly customizable and sortable into decks of categories, and you can make your own flashcards. The app enables you to share your decks with friends and classmates. These include both text and images. Second is an overwhelming database of pre-made flashcards, for just about every subject you could possibly want to learn. You can download millions of flashcards made by other students, saving you the time in creating them. These come in several different languages.

Once a deck is downloaded, you go through the set once, learning each fact presented. The app keeps track of what you have learned and allows your to study only the cards you need to master. You can shuffle them, to give yourself a challenge. You can also back them up and study them at any time for no cost.

Now, are you ready for the most amazing feature of this application? It's TOTALLY FREE! Not only this, but the designer of the application makes himself open to all suggestions about this app and strives to make it the best possible experience for the user.

There is an optional special feature for narration of the flash cards, using voice synthesizers that you can download. The voice synthesizers cost $1.99 each and come in multiple languages.

Free, with in-app purchasing available
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Flashcards for every level and age group of every subject imaginable - with access to 10s of millions of pre-made decks for free!
  • Make your own flashcards and customize your experience
  • Downloadable, award winning, human voice synthesizer, which speak in 22 languages and multiple dialects for $1.99. This allows you to listen to your flashcards as well as learn correct pronunciation
  • Sync decks across devices
  • Online sync
  • Looking for a specific card? There is a filter search
  • Shuffle the deck by shaking your device
  • Check or uncheck your cards to target the ones you need to practice the most
  • No ads
  • Integrated with Course Hero and Quizlet
  • And much more!!!

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