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Flashnote Derby

By Developer: Luke Bartolomeo

For anyone who is learning music, this is a great review or practice tool. It is very helpful in familiarizing yourself with musical notes. In the game, you race against another jockey, by identifying the correct note shown on the screen. This app makes learning musical notes fun and engaging for the early learner.

The game is highly customizable. The player can chose notes in treble, bass, alto, or tenor. You can select the range of notes as well, or individual notes that you need to work on. Game time is also customizable, so any and all players can play towards a winning goal!

Included are educational videos, all on different levels of learning.

I am learning how to play the piano and this game has definitely improved my confidence and ability to play! It's a great find and does exactly what it says it does - helps you learn the notes.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Decide which notes you want to work on (treble and bass clefs included)
  • Pick the number of questions in a game
  • Choose the amount of time you're given for recognizing a note, out of 4 possible speeds
  • Review wrong answers at the end of a game
  • Educational videos
  • Check high scores and see how much you've improved!

Video Review