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Fractions App By Tap To Learn

Age Level: Ages 8-12
By Developer: TapToLearn Software

Tiny Fractions takes the often complicated and overwhelming task of learning how to calculate, figure and estimate fractions of a whole, and turns it into a super easy to learn subject.

Remember when you learned fractions? Remember trying to add fractions?! Yeah, that was like the worst form of punishment imaginable when I was in Elementary school.

Well this app has got the whole thing figured out! It starts at a low-level of simply identifying, teaching and learning by visual alone what fractions are. It then goes through simple practices and exercise that gradually builds an understanding of fractions.

The levels then progress until the student is basically a fraction calculating, adding and subtracting phenom!

For such a tough subject to teach kids, this app is SUPER easy and fun to use. They will benefit from finding out that they can learn this subject easily and will be compelled to keep learning it because they will win every step of the way.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Totally interactive
  • Tests and quizzes to track progress
  • Very gradual learning curve makes success inevitable

Video Review