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GOZOA - The Key Quest (iPad)

Age Level: Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12
By Developer: Gozoa

GOZOA The Key Quest is a game, a totally fun and riveting game, with some fun math for your child to practice. Although the player WILL spend more time on the game itself, he or she will not progress unless they unlock the answers to some pretty fun math the faster you answer the problems, the more points you accrue.

The first game takes place on Snowflake Isle. The games on this platform involve basic math skills. Next you will go to Golden Canyon, where your playing skills include time telling activities. During these games rewards are given in the form of stars and diamonds. The player can then use these to make purchases from GOZOA's house.

There are 6 different levels to these games, created for children ages 6-11. But, I have to admit that I had a pretty good time playing it as well. Although this is a math type app, the game play does include some critical thinking as well. I can see a child replaying the games in order to improve their score and win more points doing so.

Let's face it, no matter how cool an app is, it is sometimes not quite cool enough to lure you child into spending time on educational type activities. But, I think you might find this app a perfect solution.

All and all GOZOA is a very nicely put together game, with adventure, challenges and beautiful graphics and animation. It is definitely worth the $1.99 to download it. In-app purchasing of $0.99 to unlock more levels.

Compatible with iPad.


  • Engaging! Critical thinking skills evolved
  • Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and telling time, using the dial and digital clock
  • 6 levels of difficulty
  • Kid tested on over 300 children (not including myself)
  • Up to 3 profiles for multiple users

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