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Grammar Hammer 7-10

Age Level: Ages 8-12
By Developer: You University Apps

Grammar Hammer is an excellent app for honing in on grammar skills, all done via an engaging educational game.

Using stories, the student goes through the pages and corrects errors. There are three levels of difficulty. Each story has a tutorial before one takes on the challenge.

In the first level, the student corrects spelling errors. Tap on a word that is misspelled and you are given 3 choices of correction. Choose the correct answer and receive points. An incorrect answer takes points away as well as giving you the correct answer. In the upper right-hand corner of each page, the student is given the amount of errors that need be corrected. This level includes 2 stories.

The next level includes spelling errors, as well as capitalization of proper nouns (names of places), sentences with three or more items in a list are separated with commas, using question marks when a question is asked, showing possession by using an apostrophe and not confusing to, too and two. This level includes 4 stories.

The third level has the student do all of the above as well as, correcting verbs to keep in the correct tense within the sentence, capitalization of all proper nouns, including days of the week and months, using commas to separate the day and month in a date. Capitalization of the greeting and closing when writing a letter, as well as commas after. This level includes 3 stories.

The app can be refreshed, deleting all scores, for additional students to use. Stories can be gone through as many times as you would like, in order to increase scores and proficiency.

This is a very nicely designed and impressive app. It is perfect for new learners, as well as those that just need more practice!

Compatible with iPad.


  • For ages 7 to 10 (and 7 to 13 for struggling readers)
  • Educational game
  • Perfect for ESL students
  • Progressive learning
  • Covers 14 Language Common Core Standards (shown in the app)

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